Copy-Paste-It for root users.

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Apps
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I stumbled across this app courtesy of and have been loving it ever since.  This is a simple copy and paste app to help you out around your Droid.

(Image from

The catch  here is you do have to be rooted. If you aren’t sure what that is or how to accomplish it, stay tuned as I will be posting multiple easy guides for rooting tonight, and show you all it’s much less technical and risky than a lot of sites posting disclaimers lead it to be

Back on topic, this app lets you copy and paste text from any application on your phone, at any time. This includes Gmail which doesn’t let you do any highlighting by default unless you have a physical keyboard (so Droid 1 only.)

So how does it work? Very simple. It stays in your notification bar, so pull that down and tap it to initiate the app. It takes a screen shot of whatever is currently on your screen. It then pops up a translucent window that can be resized just like when you’re cropping a picture for your wallpaper on your phone. You simply resize the box to be around the text you want to copy, and tap the copy button. You will then be prompted with a text box showing the text you just copied and you can verify it’s correct before sending it to the clipboard (an essential feature since it will inevitably get some text wrong at times.)

All in all, I have to say this works phenomenally well. The only hangup I’ve noticed with it is URL’s. It seems to not like a “:” at times.  I reached out to the developer on this and he (immediately) responded that he is working on implementing a “URL” feature in a future release that would help with this issue.  It can only get better from here folks!

There is a free and paid version. Free lets you copy 10 items before it runs out. Paid version is $3.99. Although a little steep, being as you need to be rooted to get it, I would imagine the customer base isn’t as high. Either way, it is definitely worth every penny if you’re an avid social network or business user on a droid. It will easily enhance your productivity in whatever you’re doing that involves sharing any kind of text between two or more apps.

Scan the QR code below to download on your phone!


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