Vlingo is Voice Actions for Android 2.0+ Users

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Apps

I’m sure we all heard about Voice Actions from Google the other day.  This nifty new app for Froyo that lets you virtually command your phone with fluent speech.  This is fine for any Froyo users out there, but what about all the Droid X, Incredible, Galaxy S owners etc, that haven’t received their dose of Froyo yet?

Well for a few months now you’ve had the option to use Vlingo, which does the same thing as Google’s Voice Actions, and more.  Until the other day however, this app used to cost you $9.99.  With the announcement of Voice Actions, the makers of Vlingo decided to backfire by offering their product free to Android users as well!

This is by far my new favorite app on Android.  As others have stated with Voice Apps (as well as us when reviewing the Droid 2) this app encroaches on the realm of “scary” with how accurate and precise it is when you speak normally to it.  To put it to another test, I’m sitting in the room next to my sleeping 10 month old son and whispered a twitter update into the app and it promptly opened twitter and filled in what I said into the update box and was ready for me to tap update.

That’s the other bonus to this application.  Not only does it support calling people in your address book, searching google and yahoo, and finding directions, it can also post updates to twitter and facebook, can open a lot of native applications as well as some third-party applications and has plans to integrate further twitter/facebook-like support with other applications in the future.

Another nice feature is the super dialer.  So no matter where you are, you can say “Find dentist in Boston” and you’ll be presented with a full list of dentists in Boston, MA, with one touch dialing for each listing.

I have to say after using this for only an hour I’m not sure how I used my Android phone the 9 months prior to that. This is a must have app, especially now at the irresistible price of free!

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