VZW Fall Lineup Grows. 10MP Android Phone, 2 Tablets By End Of Nov!

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Android, Droid 2, Droid Pro, VZW Fascinate
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I think Verizon is trying to set a record with the number of phones it plans to launch between now and the end of the year.  We already reported the Droid 2 world edition, the white Droid 2 (also world edition) and the Droid Pro, along with the yet to be named Motorola Tablet (possibly called Stingray.)

Well the folks over at phonearena.com have received some exclusive tips on some upcoming devices about to roll out of big red before the end of the year.

I’m sticking to the Android phones, but there are other phones from LG, a Storm 3, and more that are slated to release in these months as well. (You can get the full list from the source story here.)

September –

We should be seeing the World Edition Droid 2 launch in September, along with the white Droid 2 and of course the limited edition R2D2 Droid 2 on September 30th.

Coming as well in September, the Motorola Citrus is supposed to be a lower end android phone.  I’m sure it will favor price over features, but I would assume it will carry the same data plan requirements for higher end smartphones, so is there really a market for these?

October –

This is a fun month.  According to the tipster, this is when we’re going to see the arrival of Verizon’s Galaxy S phone, the Fascinate.  Although it would be over 2 months after the other major carriers launch theirs, the other major carries don’t have the Droid line to contend with as well.

Also coming from Samsung in the Android world is the mid-level android phone, the Continuum.  And if that wasn’t enough from Samsung, they’re also introducing the low-end Gem which will feature a QWERTY keyboard.

Another nice addition is going to be the Motorola XT610.  This one is rumored to have a 4.3 inch screen like the Droid X, but be running less powerful hardware (possibly a 3.2 or 5 mp camera, slower CPU) to give the med-level smartphones a 4 inch choice. (At the $100 – $130 range with a new contract)

Lastly from Motorola is the Motorola A957, which if you saw our report the other day, matches up with the new device mentioned in their system, nicely named the Droid Pro! Although this phone doesn’t seem to feature too much improvement hardware wise over the Droid X, it is still an improvement non-the-less.

November –

Come November expect to see the Entourage eDGe, a dual-screen e-reader/tablet device, as well as the Entourage Pocket, which I would assume is a smaller form factor of the eDGe.  Both should be running Android.

This month we should also get to have the Motorola Z600 in our hands, aka the Stingray, as well as the Samsung I800 Android tablets.  Not much info on these devices right now other than the Samsung tablet should have the bigger screen of the two.

On top of that we should see the HTC Merge packing a 10MP Camera!  We should also expect this phone to have the faster than 1ghz Snapdraggon processor Qualcomm is currently ready to ship.

And lastly, although not Android, definitely worth mentioning, we will see the first 4G LTE devices hit Verizon in the form of air cards, with the PCD 290 and the LG 600.

Exciting times for Android coming through the Verizon pipeline by the end of this year!

Source: Phonearena.com

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