Verizon Galaxy S Phone Showing in Verizon’s CellBrite System.

Posted: August 18, 2010 in VZW Fascinate
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The folks over at Don’tHateTheGeek uncovered a screen shot of what looks like the Verizon Fascinate (Verizon’s galaxy s phone) in their CellBrite system.  This usually shows up right before a phone is launched, so we should expect to see the device sometime soon.  Our report yesterday showed it dropping in October which is still a few months out, but beginning of October could be more realistic seeing it’s in this system already.  Time will tell! Is anyone looking forward to the Verizon Fascinate?

Source: Dont Hate The Geek

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  1. Pinwheel77 says:

    I am definitely looking forward to the Fascinate. Can’t wait to see how this will compare to the latest phones.

  2. droidxstatic says:

    I’m curious too….because all of the benchmarking apps have it listed waaaay at the bottom from I remember….maybe because they’re not running 2.2? We will see I guess!

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