20 Minutes And Counting For Froyo On The Droid X! (Update)

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Droid X
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Ok folks, P3droid over at mydroidworld is getting ready to release a leaked update for the Droid X to give us all our lovely dose of Froyo!

We’ll have more details once instructions are posted, but from P3droid’s tweets we’ve learned a few things already.

– This is an actual leaked update file, not a custom rom
– This should be able to be installed with a stock or Koush’s custom recovery.
– This has root already built into it
– This is a newer version of Froyo for the X than what was on the developer phones.

Still unknown –
Does this inject the updated Kernel for Froyo?
Does this give us the JIT compiler responsible for the speed increase in Froyo?
Is this a digitally signed file, or did they find a way to install and unsigned update, while bypassing the bootloader?

We’re now down to about just 10 minutes away from the release, so check back, we’ll have more answers for you once we can get a better understanding of it all.

Update:  Seems either the site is down, or about to, or maybe they’re just updating it to upload the file, but I can’t even get it to reload at the moment.  I’ll let you guys know when I can access it again.

Update 2:  The site is definitely bottlenecked.  P3droid posted on twitter it was a go with a link, so I’m assuming the floods of people were in a clicking frenzy.  I’m kind of surprised they didn’t see this coming?

Update 3: P3 just tweeted the following: “P3Droid okay tell everyone to back down a little….we have 15k people trying to get it at once….only 8k can be online at once”     Still unsure of how they didn’t expected this.

Update 4: New tweet from P3: “okay people listen up…1) be stock, 2) keep root, 3) move su to /xbin from bin .. use root explorer..4)download file http://bit.ly/92Swbh”    Copy and paste the bit.ly link and it’s directly to the download.  We’re still trying to get to the site for instructions, will take screen shot of post and post on here if/when we do.

Update 5:  Site is down still, P3 said there was a DDOS attack alongside the Froyo leak, and they will get the bastard(s) responsible!  With that, I’m reluctantly trying to feel this whole process out and get a write up with instructions to complete the install, so check back soon!

Source: Mydroidworld.com

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