Review: Apps Organizer

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Apps

This is a nice app, especially being free, and is from the same makers of Folders Organizer. (Review on that coming soon)  Ironically this app lets you make custom folders, with custom icons, where as Folders Organizer lets you make custom app shortcuts.  Intentional?  Probably, but either way, they’re both great programs.

So Apps Organizer, like I said above, lets you create custom folders based on application categories.  When you open the app, you’re presented with a list of all your installed applications.  Tapping on an application pops up a list of categories, which you can then check of one or more of them, and then save those category associations to the app.

There’s also another page in the app if you click the labels button in the upper right.  This will take you to the list of your categories, and you can expand each on to see which apps are in which category.  You can also long press on any category and this gives you a menu, with one of the options being to change the icon.  You can choose from the system pack, or any image file you have (remember it’s for an icon, smaller is better.)

Now back on your home screen, you can long press and add a shortcut or a widget, and one of the options will be apps organizer.  Select it and you’ll be presented with a list of your categories.  Tap the one you want an icon for and it will be placed on your homescreen.  Now you have a custom folder with a custom icon on your homescreen.

Another nice feature is the ability to star apps as favorites.  This places them at the top of the list in your custom folder.  So the starred apps will show first in alphabetical order and the rest of your apps will show, as well, in alphabetical order.  When a folder is open, there is a star in its title bar next to the folder name.  If you tap this, it will hide all non-starred apps in the folder, letting you get a quick view of just your favorites.

Again, this is free, so go give it a try!


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