Some Flash Goodness!

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Droid X
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If you took the plunge and installed the leaked Froyo updated for the Droid X today, then you are now in the circle of flash enabled mobile devices.  This comes pre-installed on this unlike the leaks for the Droid 1.  After owned a rooted Droid 1 since launch until the DX came out, and having flash for quite a few months on it, I have to say I’m REALLY impressed with how well it runs on the Droid X.  Even with my Droid 1 overclocked to 1GHz, the native 1GHz Droid X is the hands down winner when it comes to flash content.  It’s very responsive and smooth.

I think the ability to maximize content full screen, as well as being able to scroll on a web page with flash content is much improved as well over the Droid 1.  This could be the software release of the player over the phone, but I have to believe some of the hardware under the hood of the DX is really making this flash content shine.

So now that you have flash, what do you do?  Well besides the obvious of watching every video that now shows up on your websites, you can explore a bunch of mobile friendly flash sites, by going to in your phone’s browser.  It gives you a good selection of categories to choose from, each populated with about a half-dozen or more sites full of related content.  You can find games, sports, movie trailers and more.

So head on over and check out the full web experience, ya know, the kind that Steve Jobs thinks users don’t need or want.


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