Review: Goby

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Apps
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So I stumbled across this little fish while browsing App Brain, and thought it was a game.  I had never heard of or used before.  Luckily I downloaded it and was surprised to find an app that can basically tell me hundreds of things going on in the towns around me, so I can never have an excuse to say “There’s nothing to do” again!

This is a VERY simple to use, but practically invaluable app.  To top it off, it’s free.  When you open Goby, you simply have 3 options.

  • Find cool stuff near me today
  • Make weekend plans
  • Explore new location

Tapping either of the first two options takes you to a list of categories like pictured in this post.  You can then select your category and specify a sub category, or view all in the parent category, and it will retrieve a complete list based on location of things to do, see, explore, places to eat, or whatever category it is you selected.  They also have featured categories, which in this case is the Summer Fun category. The results will be based on if you chose to find stuff for today, or for this weekend.

If you tap on the third option, Explore new location, then you’ll be presented with the advanced search screen, also pictured in this post.  If you tap in the category box, you’ll get a button below you can tap to pull up the category lists to choose from.  Then in the location, you can leave it as my current location, or type in another location if you’re planning for a trip or visit somewhere else.  Finally you can leave set for today as the events it will search, or you can tap in the date field and it will pull up two date options so you can set a range of dates.

So using either of those methods you’ll get a list of results that show you places or events around you (or whatever city you may have searched) in whatever category you chose.  These will include the name of the place, the opening sentence to the description if one is available, and a thumbnail picture to the left, with the distance in miles overlaid in the corner of the thumbnail.  The only gripe I have here, is some of the thumbnails seems to not have anything to do with the business.  I’m not sure, but it looks like it may have pulled pictures from a social network site, it just reminds me of profile pictures I would see on Facebook.

Either way, this doesn’t affect the program at all, it still functions properly.  Clicking on a result will bring it up full screen where you’ll see their number, address, any photos for the place/event and a small description if one was provided.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this app.  It lets you see everything going on around you, no matter where you are in the US.  If you ever find yourself sitting home on a Friday night, or Sunday afternoon and are bored out of your mind, hit up Goby, and I know you’ll find something to do.


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