Koush’s Bootstrapper Now For Droid 2!

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Apps, Droid 2, Root
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Apparently Koush’s Droid X Bootstrapper was a sure fit to work on the Droid 2 as well.  (Is anyone really surprised with how similar the hardware and software is between the two?) And with that Koush has tweaked it slightly and released a straight Droid 2 Bootstrapper app.

You can get it off his site, or in the market for 2 bucks.  I would suggest the market app as there have been updates I missed out on and caused me issues with Rom Manager using this on my Droid X.   So buy the guy a beer for his hard work, and get ready for some custom rom’s to be headed your way!

Note: You MUST be rooted to use this!

Simply download the app.  Install it.  Open it.  Tap Load Bootstrapper, grant SU permissions, and it will say done!

If you want to, at that point you can tap boot into recovery to see that it works, and make a nandroid backup of your device, however the real fun will come when someone start’s to develop some custom roms for the device.


Source: Koushikdutta.com

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