Angry Birds Will Be Released To Everyone This Friday! No Sign Up Required!

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Apps
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Apparently everyone completely overwhelmed the developers of the popular game, Angry Birds.  So much so they decided rather than spend the time sending the beta via email, that they’re simply going to launch it directly in the Android market this Friday!  That’s right, this Friday you’ll be (somewhat) enjoying Angry Birds on your Android smartphone!

I know what you’re all thinking now, what’s up with the (somewhat) above?  Well don’t get me wrong, we will all definitely be playing the actual Angry Birds game that is #1 on almost every country’s app store.  However I’m worried about the official title of this beta.  Before we get to that however, lets reiterate again, this is a beta.  So even if it’s a full blow version, expect some bugs, as they’re not guaranteeing it will run on all Android devices.  (I would believe any Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Galaxy S, Incredible, X10 or similar devices will be able to play this with no additional issues.)

So now to the title.  This is going to be released as Angry Birds Lite Beta.  That lite word gets me a little, but this could admittedly be simply the free version so they can later add the level packages for a price.  Either way, let’s forget about all the “what if’s” and unknown’s and know that in one form or another we will be enjoying Angry Birds this Friday!


Source: Talk Android

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