Anyone Want A Pay-As-You-Go Droid?

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid X, Incredible

Well I didn’t see this one coming.  According to, starting tomorrow (9/2) you can go into Verizon, buy almost any smartphone, and activate it on a pay-as-you-go plan.  Pictured above is the list of devices that will be allowed to be used for this plan type.  Below you can find the pricing comparison between different pay as you go offerings from other networks.

This is a great way for someone with bad credit, no credit, or simply might not be old enough to get mom or dad to sign a 2 year contract for them.  If you think you can foot the bill, but just couldn’t find a way to get in before, this is your chance.  As you can see from the list, you can grab any of the popular Droid series phones, as well as BlackBerry’s and other’s.  Also note if you happen to have one of these lying around from a recent upgrade, used phones can be activated on one of these plans as well.

The thing that I’m wondering, is these smartphones will still require the $30 data plan, so even if it’s pay as you go, does that mean you need to buy a special “data” card or code every month on top of a minute card/code?  I would think so, but I’ll be curious to see when I talk to my Verizon store tomorrow.  I can’t see this being cheaper minute-wise than a paid plan, especially since the data plan matches up the same (they have to make their money somewhere right?)

But if you’re like me and use roughly 85 minutes a month, then this could be a serious money saver. Unfortunately I’m on a family plan so it won’t work in my situation, but for anyone that is like me but not on a family plan, I would definitely check this out.


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