Droid 1 No Longer Supports Flash?

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Droid 1
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So this is an interesting find.  Over at droidforums.net they’ve found that Adobe has updated their requirements for mobile Flash player support.

As you can see in the picture above, WVGA displays now require an A8 800 Mhz or better processor.  Motorola has the processor in the Droid 1 underclocked to 550 Mhz (which anyone is still yet to figure out why) but as droid-life points out, Motorola could push out a kernel update for the phone that would up the processor to 800 Mhz, I’m not so sure they will do that though considering the device has hit EOL status already.

I would assume either Adobe or Motorola will make some kind of statement regarding this once it gets a little more attention, as I’m sure there will be a few people unhappy with this, if it does in fact mean no further Flash support for the Droid 1.

With that, fear not, as the Droid 1 has developed one of the biggest independent support communities of any smartphone, so even if Motorola, Verizon and Adobe try to leave this device in the dust, rest assured there will be an entire community ready to pick up the slack and continue moving forward.

Source: Droid-life.com
Via: Droidforums.net

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  1. Free says:

    So even though it’s working on my Droid 1 at the moment, it’s going to stop?

  2. droidxstatic says:

    No, you’ll continue to be able to use it with the current Flash player that you have installed on it, but for any future versions you should count the Droid out for getting it. With that, I’m sure there will still be people in the development community that will port over anything to the Droid even if it’s not officially supported. If you have flash now, you’ll have it as long as you have the phone, you just might not get some newer features down the road.

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