First Roms For Droid2 Surface!

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Droid 2, Root
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We had two roms for the newly released Droid 2 pop up over the weekend.  Basically these will clean up your Droid 2 and either remove bloatware and add performance while leaving the Motorola overlay, or there is one to go to a (pretty much) vanilla Android experience on your phone.

Please note: For both of these you need to be running Koush’s Droid 2 Bootstrap app to get into ClockworkMod recovery properly. Also make sure to read and follow ALL the instructions for either rom before attempting to install them.  As always you do this at your own risk!

First up is EPIC ROM, from Matt 4542, the same developer behind the Droid 1’s EPIC rom.  This one will leave the Motorola overlay with the three large buttons at the bottom, but it will remove a lot of the bloatware, as well as clean up some under-the-hood aspects of the phone. It has also been fully deodexed and comes loaded with custom scripts.

If you want to give Epic a try check it out over on the droid-life forums, here.

(The gray bar up top was a glitch in the screenshot, it does not appear on the phone)

Next up is one you will know the name of, if you frequent droidXstatic, which is Tranquility.  Yup, P3droid has brought his newly released rom for the Droid X to the Droid 2.  This will give you a (pretty much) vanilla Android experience on your Droid 2.  So basically if you came from a Droid 1, this is what you’d be familiar with.  Please note on this rom, it comes with the stock 2.2 launcher as well as ADW launcher. They have noted the phone application doesn’t function properly in the 2.2 launcher so I would stick with ADW until they figure it out. (Or you can also always download launcher pro if that’s more your taste.)

If you want to get some Tranquility on your Droid 2, then head on over to the My Droid World forums, here.


Source: Droid Life / My Droid World

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