Get Android Notifications On Your Desktop!

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Apps

Although I wish it had a few more features, this is still a really cool service from an Android developer.

If you’re running a MAC or Windows you can install Growl (desktop notification system.) This program can essentially send its notifications to Growl.  So especially if you are already a Growl user, then this will fit in perfectly.  (You don’t need this software for this to work, it’s optional, so we haven’t provided any links to avoid confusion, a quick Google search will turn it up if you’re interested.)

If you’re running Windows or Linux ( or even a Mac still), grab the Android-notifier-desktop software from the project site, here.

Now you need to get the application on your phone as well, so either search the market for android notifier or you can scan the QR code at the end of this article.

Once everything is downloaded, run the file you downloaded on your computer and it will install it.  (I only tested this on Windows, so please excuse any differences between what might appear or show up in other operating systems.) Once installed it should put an icon by the clock.  Right clicking this icon will pop up a menu where you can choose preferences, and then set how notifications will be received (wi-fi or bluetooth) and other simple settings like pairing it with Growl.  It’s pretty straight forward and highly easy to use.

After that is set up (or even while the preferences are still on your screen) you can head to your phone and launch the app that you downloaded.  This should pop up some options as well asking you how to send the notifications from you phone, and towards the bottom you can do a test notification to make sure everything is working probably.  Although they give some advanced setup features here for definitely IP addresses and whatnot, I didn’t feel it was very useful for a user that didn’t already know how to tinker with those settings, so know right after you install it out of the gate you should be getting notifications on your desktop. I tested with both wi-fi and bluetooth and both ways my notifications instantly popped up on my desktop.

So it install’s and works easy, but there’s a few small downsides to this service.  First, the only notifications you can receive are for missed call, voicemail, text message, and battery level.  Those are all great and important, but I thought a surefire inclusion in this would be e-mail notification.  Most people would think what’s the point being as you need to be on a computer to get these, but since I have an exchange account configured on my phone, it would nice to see that notification pop up on-screen as well so when I was at home on the computer I would know if something important came in via my exchange account which isn’t connected to my home PC.  Other tiny issues I noticed with the desktop software were the blandness of the notifications, I would’ve liked to see something more than the default windows balloon pop up, but I guess that’s what Growl can be used for as it was a much better experience when that was paired up with it, for us at least.

So all in all this is still a great little service and app that I highly recommend for anyone that spends a lot of time in front of their computer screen anyway.


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  1. Captimazing says:

    I found out the hard way that this app does not work on the Samsung Captivate. Is there any other app that is out there that I can try or am I, “up the creek…”???

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