Oh No! Verizon ditches Google and brings on Bing?!…No, not so fast.

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Android, and more specifically Verizon customers using Android were up in arms today all over the internet when a rumor was let out that Verizon signed a deal with Bing to use their integrated search on ALL future Android smartphones.  So basically the issues people have been complaining about with Bing on the Fascinate would be on all Android phones coming from Verizon in the future.  But not so fast everybody.

Below is a direct quote from Electronista who received word directly from a Verizon representative:

The absence of Google search on the Samsung Fascinate will be fixed when the phone gets Android 2.2, Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney told Electronista today. She asserted it was an “incorrect assumption” that Verizon had blocked the app and that it was allegedly only available once a given phone was upgraded to 2.2. She also pointed out that Google wasn’t entirely blocked, as voice search still used Google Maps.

“Google is responsible for what is in [Android Market],” she claimed, adding in a follow-up statement that “we’re not blocking anything.”

So not only will you be able to get your Google search on the Fascinate, but if they did sign some mysterious deal with Microsoft to use Bing exclusively, they are still not blocking you from choosing to use Google, and they point at that it’s Google’s fragmentation that is essentially causing the issue, since it’s only 2.2 compatible now if you need to download it from the market.

With that we can all sleep safe tonight knowing if we need to navigate or search we can still do so with Google, even if Verizon prefers you try another option first.

Source: Electronista

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