Droid X 2.2 FULL SBF Finally Leaked!

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized


We can finally stop feeling nervous (sort of) while messing with our Droid X’s.   Thanks to murryrulz over on XDA, we all can now fully restore our Droid X phones to a base 2.2 image if we mess something up.

This is different from the previous 2.2 SBF leak for the Droid X, as the previous one was just the core system files.  This sucker is whole package deal though, so no matter what files you edit, delete or mess up, you will be able to recover your phone to the state it was the day you got your phone, just with 2.2 Froyo already loaded.

With that, head on over and grab the files needed while you can! We all know Motorola will be sending out C&D’s to anyone hosting this file in a matter of time, so make sure to grab it, even if you don’t think you need it now, it will probably pay off in the future!

2.2 Full SBF – Download here.

RSDlite 4.8 – Download here.

To use this simply do the following.

To manually put your device in bootloader mode:
Turn off device
press and hold the up and down volume buttons
power on device (continue to hold the up and down volume buttons)
wala – you are in bootloader mode
Launch RSDLite (make sure device appears in window)
Select the SBF file you downloaded through the RSD Lite program by clicking the Browse button.
Click Start, and sit back while your phone restores!




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