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Users of the HTC Incredible, Evo 4G, or other HTC Android phones can now enjoy the world of one touch rooting, thanks to Unrevoked.

This was released last night via their website, but initially pulled after some issues with the Evo4G, however it should be back up by now.  So if you own an Incredible, Evo 4G or other HTC Android device and have been holding off on rooting, now is your chance to safely and easily join in the fun.

(please note when we say issues with the Evo caused it to get pulled, it simply wasn’t successfully rooting it from what I understand, I do know it was not bricking or damaging phones, so no worries there.)

There are a few steps you want to make sure you perform before doing this to ensure an easy rooting process:
(From XDA)

1. Windows users MUST install the HBOOT drivers for this to work:…driver_install
2. Windows users need to uninstall HTC Sync or any other program that might talk to the phone over USB (doubletwist, etc). Disabling HTC Sync from the system tray is not enough. They interfere with the root process and will cause problems.
3. When asked for USB connection type, select “Charge Only” and “Remember this”.

Once those steps are complete, head on over to the Unrevoked website and grab the right download for your phone!

Source: Unrevoked & XDA

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