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So we got a lot of information from Adobe today at the Adobe Android Summit.  Ok, so maybe it was more a lot of details on a few specific technologies, but it was chock-full of goodness either way.

Here’s the most prominent things to take away from Adobe’s Summit –

  • Flash 10.1
    • Flash 10.1 took 12 months to develop
    • It will not run on older Android device
    • It is officially out of the beta stage today and can e found in the market (although reports claim only nexus one owners are finding it) (more…)

Adobe Android Summit is Today!

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Android
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Today is the Adobe Android Summit in San Francisco!  I think anyone following Android knows pretty much what to expect as the “major” announcements, but I’m hoping for a few surprises up Adobe’s sleeve. 

If you’re not eating, sleeping, and breathing Android like me, then what you might not know is that in two days on August 18th, Adobe plans to take its flash player for Android out of beta, and into the wild.  There has also been leaked copies of Adobe AIR available for Android as well, so expect some information on that as well.  These two technologies will make Android a very appealing platform to develop for (if it wasn’t already) and should help bring even more great developers and applications to the good side.

Stay tuned throughout the day for updates and announcements!