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Good old Pete is back, and as promised, delivered the long-awaited Bugless Beast .5 ROM for any Droid 1 owners to consume.

This thing is packed full of all kinds of features most of us wouldn’t think of even wanting but will be glad to have.  A few important updates are:

  • Automatic app install after wiping data and cache
  • Apps installed to data instead of system for easy uninstallation
  • Includes 3 of his paid market apps:  sound recorder, video camera, testing menu

There’s obviously a ton more going on in this thing than those three options.  For a full writeup on the release head on over to Pete’s site here.  And for his actual changelog, check here.

Please note beforehand, you HAVE to wipe data and cache to install this since it’s basically built from source.  No questions asked on this one, BUT if you pay attention to the first highlight, this ROM will automatically search known locations for previously installed apps and then proceed to automatically re-install them.  So ultimately you’ll be losing your programs settings but the ROM should reinstall the apps you had for you.

With that, this all occurs after the first reboot once the ROM is successfully installed.  You HAVE TO let it do its thing at this point, and not think it locked up or pull the battery.  If you do, you’ll have to re-flash the ROM again.  It’s not only installing your previous apps, but also installing the system apps to your data folder so they can be easily uninstalled if you so desire, as mentioned above.

This is already up in Rom Manager, so go on and grab it now!

Also note this should stop any users from seeing the popup to update their phone to the latest Froyo build as this is built from the current FRG22D build.


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