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We should have expected this with the successful short-announced launched of the Droid 2 from Verizon, and they’ve done it again with the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.  But Verizon finally announced today that the Fascinate will go on sale, online, starting September 8th (which is tomorrow) followed by it showing up for sale in retail stores on the 9th (Thursday.)

There’s no new information about this phone or nothing we didn’t already cover or ready about 50 times waiting for it to be the last Galaxy S phone to launch, but at least it is finally coming to the Verizon party.  With that said, is anyone excited for this phone, or going to be running out to get one on Thursday?

Let us know!

Share on Facebook got their hands on a Fascinate ahead of release and put up a nice unboxing video showing it off.  It definitely looks like a nice phone, and has some nice features.  Not to mention the 4″ Super AMOLED screen which looks amazing.

Also we should point out with this Galaxy S phone from Samsung and Verizon, you’re able to turn off the TouchWiz overlay right out of the box.  So if you like the phone, but want more of a vanilla android experience on it, then you can simply disable the TouchWiz launcher in the settings->applications menu.

Enough yapping, on to the video!


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Fascinate Commercial Is A Go!

Posted: September 1, 2010 in VZW Fascinate

The Fascinate is definitely gearing up for its launch next week.  It’s hitting the air waves with its first teaser commercial you can play above, via YouTube.  Another nice piece of information regarding this device is you’ll be able to turn off TouchWiz on it.  Yes, turn off the Samsung overlay and allow a ‘Vanilla” experience if that’s what you’d like.  Can we say thank you Samsung?  I really wish more manufacturers would adopt this approach.  If I could turn off my crap-motoblur on my Droid X I would in a heartbeat.  Luckily I have LauncherPro, and honestly Samsung’s overlay isn’t bad, especially if switching from an iPhone, but the power of choice is all the customer really wants, am I right?

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Well just yesterday we reported the Fascinate might see a 9/9/10 release date, and it seems that’s more than correct.  There is now additional documentation and screen shots supporting this, and most importantly you can now pre-order the phone from Best Buy!

As an added and exclusive bonus, Best Buy Reward Zone members can reserve the Samsung Fascinate on August 27, two days before it goes on pre-sale to the general public. That priority access will help ensure that Reward Zone members get their device first.

Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile standalone store. Pricing and launch dates for the Samsung Fascinate, which is a member of the Galaxy Series, will be officially announced soon. The Fascinate boasts many new features such as the brilliant four-inch Super AMOLED display, HD video recording, and 1GHz processor running the Android 2.1 operating system.

(more…) got their hands on a nice screenshot showing (finally) the possible release date for the Galaxy S Verizon phone, the Fascinate.  It will land September 9th, but is available for VZW employees to pre-order now according to the document.  This has been confirmed now with leaked training documents among other things coming through the pipeline today, so I think it’s safe to say we’re on the horizon of the Fascinate launch at Verizon.

With that, the training documentation doesn’t reveal much that we already didn’t know about the Verizon version of the Galaxy S, but it does confirm a hefty amount of bloatware to come pre-loaded on the handset, including Bing search, NFL Mobile, Blockbuster, Skype, Amazon Kindle, and a suite of VCast apps.

With the stellar lineup of Droid handsets VZW currently features it is hard to imagine many choosing the Fascinate over any that are currently available, but it is no doubt a decent choice if not only for the Super AMOLED display and blazing Hummingbird processor. With its release it will complete the roll out of the Galaxy S to all major carriers, though we still expect to see it on a few regional service providers as well.


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The folks over at Don’tHateTheGeek uncovered a screen shot of what looks like the Verizon Fascinate (Verizon’s galaxy s phone) in their CellBrite system.  This usually shows up right before a phone is launched, so we should expect to see the device sometime soon.  Our report yesterday showed it dropping in October which is still a few months out, but beginning of October could be more realistic seeing it’s in this system already.  Time will tell! Is anyone looking forward to the Verizon Fascinate?

Source: Dont Hate The Geek

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I think Verizon is trying to set a record with the number of phones it plans to launch between now and the end of the year.  We already reported the Droid 2 world edition, the white Droid 2 (also world edition) and the Droid Pro, along with the yet to be named Motorola Tablet (possibly called Stingray.)

Well the folks over at have received some exclusive tips on some upcoming devices about to roll out of big red before the end of the year.