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Luckily as you can see from the screen shot above, Adobe has still included the Droid as capable and supported Flash 10.1 smartphone.  So after the outrage over the weekend of whether or not there would be support going forward on the Droid 1, it appears the answer is yes.

For the most part this should be a non-issue since most if not all of you Droid 1 owners already have the flash player installed.  They won’t magically uninstall it from your device even if it did become officially unsupported at some point, so you will never lose the ability to play flash content anyway.

So keep on keepin’ on and enjoy your flash sites on Droid 1. They’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Source: Droid-life
Via: AndroidCentral

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Droid 1 No Longer Supports Flash?

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Droid 1
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So this is an interesting find.  Over at they’ve found that Adobe has updated their requirements for mobile Flash player support.

As you can see in the picture above, WVGA displays now require an A8 800 Mhz or better processor.  Motorola has the processor in the Droid 1 underclocked to 550 Mhz (which anyone is still yet to figure out why) but as droid-life points out, Motorola could push out a kernel update for the phone that would up the processor to 800 Mhz, I’m not so sure they will do that though considering the device has hit EOL status already.

I would assume either Adobe or Motorola will make some kind of statement regarding this once it gets a little more attention, as I’m sure there will be a few people unhappy with this, if it does in fact mean no further Flash support for the Droid 1.

With that, fear not, as the Droid 1 has developed one of the biggest independent support communities of any smartphone, so even if Motorola, Verizon and Adobe try to leave this device in the dust, rest assured there will be an entire community ready to pick up the slack and continue moving forward.


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It’s out of beta and into full release!  If you’re on an older custom rom with a flash player beta, or on a newly upgraded non-rooted Droid 1 or Droid X that can’t find it in the market yet, then grab the install below. This is the full Flash Player 10.1 (non-beta) you will see in the market.

Simply download the file to your phone, tap on it when it’s finished and select install.  You’re done!

(Note you must have “Unknown sources” checked if you go to settings – > applications from your home screen.)

Download: Adobe Flash Player 10.1



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Some Flash Goodness!

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Droid X
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If you took the plunge and installed the leaked Froyo updated for the Droid X today, then you are now in the circle of flash enabled mobile devices.  This comes pre-installed on this unlike the leaks for the Droid 1.  After owned a rooted Droid 1 since launch until the DX came out, and having flash for quite a few months on it, I have to say I’m REALLY impressed with how well it runs on the Droid X.  Even with my Droid 1 overclocked to 1GHz, the native 1GHz Droid X is the hands down winner when it comes to flash content.  It’s very responsive and smooth.


So we got a lot of information from Adobe today at the Adobe Android Summit.  Ok, so maybe it was more a lot of details on a few specific technologies, but it was chock-full of goodness either way.

Here’s the most prominent things to take away from Adobe’s Summit –

  • Flash 10.1
    • Flash 10.1 took 12 months to develop
    • It will not run on older Android device
    • It is officially out of the beta stage today and can e found in the market (although reports claim only nexus one owners are finding it) (more…)

Adobe Android Summit is Today!

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Android
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Today is the Adobe Android Summit in San Francisco!  I think anyone following Android knows pretty much what to expect as the “major” announcements, but I’m hoping for a few surprises up Adobe’s sleeve. 

If you’re not eating, sleeping, and breathing Android like me, then what you might not know is that in two days on August 18th, Adobe plans to take its flash player for Android out of beta, and into the wild.  There has also been leaked copies of Adobe AIR available for Android as well, so expect some information on that as well.  These two technologies will make Android a very appealing platform to develop for (if it wasn’t already) and should help bring even more great developers and applications to the good side.

Stay tuned throughout the day for updates and announcements!