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First Custom Rom Hits Droid X!

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Droid X, Root
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Birdman delivered yesterday as promised with the first custom rom for the DroidX, titled FlyX.  This rom is in RC status meaning there WILL BE BUGS.  So far a known issue is the physical search key not functioning properly, however most people are not having many issues with it for being a release candidate.

A couple of notes before taking the plunge on this.

  1. You MUST be rooted to do this
  2. You MUST be running the leaked 2.2 version that is in the wild (or you can get it from us here)
  3. You have to install the Droid X Custom Bootstrap app, available from the market for $2.00
  4. You must have Rom Manager installed, available from the market for free, or a premium version for $3.99
  5. By doing this your forfeit your chance to receive the official OTA Froyo update from Verizon and Motorola

With all that said, you could always roll back to the stock 2.1 on your phone and then get the OTA update that way. We have a guide for that as well, here.

Please note, if you’ve already installed the 2.2 leak, you’re good there.  If you already had the Bootstrap app installed, especially if you downloaded it from Koush’s website, and you get an error reading your SD card when you boot into recovery, go to the market and download the updated Bootstrap app, it resolved the issue for most users.

So with all the warnings and heads up out of the way, if you’re ready to dive in and install this Rom, here you go!