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We all thought they were going to miss the end of summer, but they squeaked by and released at midnight on the very last day of summer.  With that the official Froyo update for the Droid X has arrived, and is available for anyone to download to their phone right now!

To update your phone:
Tap the menu button from any home screen.
Tap Settings.
Scroll all the way down and tap About Phone.
Tap the first option that says System Update.

After that you should be prompted with the screen above asking you download now or later. (Note if you don’t select either it will automatically download after 25 seconds)

Now you can sit back, relax, and let your phone become among the Android gods with all that Froyo goodness!!

So what about all of you guys that were on the leaked version we handed out to you a few weeks back?  Well you have two options.

First:  You can restore your phone to 2.1 using the SBF file and RSDLite program, and our guide found here.  Once rolled back to 2.1, you would have to reinstall all your apps, and configure all your settings.  You could then follow the normal instructions from this post to pull the update down to your phone.

Second: Do nothing.  You guys are running either system version 2.1.9 or 2.1.13 already depending on what leak you installed, but either way there really should be any major differences between the two.  On top of that, if you wait just a week or so I will be we will see the 2.1.13 version put up for us to download as some kind of update installation.  One thing you should note is this leaked version actually blocks you from getting the official OTA.  If you checked your phone and checked the system update option it would tell you your phone is up-to-date already.  So if you’re worried about getting ANY official over the air updates in the future, I would suggest going with option 1 above.

IMPORTANT: Once you have updated to the official OTA 2.2, you will no longer be able to use the 2.1 SBF that’s in the wild (Not the leak, the actual OTA update).  There is more than a good chance it will brick your phone.  So that means if you update to the official 2.2, you are stuck there.  It’s OK though, because we can root it.  Just be warned in case you ever had any reason to want to go back to 2.1 after getting the official update. (Which I really can’t see why anyone would, but just in case)  (via birdman)



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So here comes Motorola once again with the scare tactics, but in all reality they have some truth behind it all.  As you can see, the forum community manager for Motorola, Matt, updated his initial post in the Droid X support threads to include the following first paragraph (also pictured above.)

WARNING: Do NOT load the leaked 2.2 upgrade that has been floating around on the Internets. There is currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load that will be released by early September. Unless you have some plan to flash your phone back to the current official load, you could be stuck on the leaked version.

So with that, if you want to be able to get the official update from Verizon via over the air then you’ll probably want to flash your device back to the stock 2.1 build using RSD lite and our guide(s) here.

One would think however that once the final OTA build is delivered that someone in the community will snag it up and package it into either an or rom inside of rom manager for us to download.  So eve if you don’t want to take the leap into RSD lite, you should still be able to find a way to get the update, just probably not the first week it’s rolled out.

Not to mention we don’t know if there is really any differences (if any at all) between what was leaked and the final build, although I would have to guess the leaked copy wasn’t a final build or it would’ve been pushed out already.

Source: Motorola Support Forums

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If you were too nervous to jump on board this morning with the leaked Froyo update for the Incredible, then you might not have to wait long to get it anyway. received a screen shot from Verizon’s system showing the Froyo update is going live OTA on August 27th.  Yep, tomorrow!

So if you can’t wait for the OTA rollout, got a head and grab it here, and update now.  Or if you don’t mind waiting a day or so, you can wait until you see that nice message pop up on your phone asking you to install the update!



Share on Facebook has traced a source to get your hands on the official Froyo build for the HTC incredible.  This isn’t a port or custom rom, it’s apparently the real deal.

I don’t have an incredible to personally test on, but reading through the comments on it seems there are plenty of success stories of end users updating perfectly fine.

This method comes packaged as a desktop executable, that you run from your computer while your phone is plugged in.  It seems to make it a pretty simple process.  If you’re rooted, this has to be done manually however, and the steps for that are outlined below.


Did you just recently get your fill of Froyo on the Droid 1, or through the leaked copy on the Droid X?  Or maybe you just picked up a fresh new Droid 2?  Whatever the case may be, you mind some things different or out of place when coming from Android 2.1 to 2.2, and we’re not talking about just the obvious addition of Flash.  Here’s just a few tips and insights into Froyo, how it differs from 2.1 and how you can maximize all that performance of the beast within Froyo.




Ok, finally after a lot of trial and error we have this figured out.  You’re beginners guide to installing the Froyo update.

NOTE: To start with if you want to be rooted after upgrading, you HAVE to be rooted BEFORE installing the update.  If you need to get rooted, check out our guide here.  Once you’re rooted either follow the instructions below for rooted users, of if you’re not rooted and don’t want to be simply jump to the non-rooted users instructions below.

NOTE 2: If you’ve installed Koush’s Droid X Bootstrapper application for his customer recovery you CANNOT apply this update with these instructions.  There is a few added steps I will upload a separate walkthrough for shortly.  (more…)

Ok folks, P3droid over at mydroidworld is getting ready to release a leaked update for the Droid X to give us all our lovely dose of Froyo!

We’ll have more details once instructions are posted, but from P3droid’s tweets we’ve learned a few things already.

– This is an actual leaked update file, not a custom rom
– This should be able to be installed with a stock or Koush’s custom recovery.
– This has root already built into it
– This is a newer version of Froyo for the X than what was on the developer phones.

Still unknown –
Does this inject the updated Kernel for Froyo?
Does this give us the JIT compiler responsible for the speed increase in Froyo?
Is this a digitally signed file, or did they find a way to install and unsigned update, while bypassing the bootloader?

We’re now down to about just 10 minutes away from the release, so check back, we’ll have more answers for you once we can get a better understanding of it all.

Update:  Seems either the site is down, or about to, or maybe they’re just updating it to upload the file, but I can’t even get it to reload at the moment.  I’ll let you guys know when I can access it again.

Update 2:  The site is definitely bottlenecked.  P3droid posted on twitter it was a go with a link, so I’m assuming the floods of people were in a clicking frenzy.  I’m kind of surprised they didn’t see this coming?

Update 3: P3 just tweeted the following: “P3Droid okay tell everyone to back down a little….we have 15k people trying to get it at once….only 8k can be online at once”     Still unsure of how they didn’t expected this.

Update 4: New tweet from P3: “okay people listen up…1) be stock, 2) keep root, 3) move su to /xbin from bin .. use root explorer..4)download file”    Copy and paste the link and it’s directly to the download.  We’re still trying to get to the site for instructions, will take screen shot of post and post on here if/when we do.

Update 5:  Site is down still, P3 said there was a DDOS attack alongside the Froyo leak, and they will get the bastard(s) responsible!  With that, I’m reluctantly trying to feel this whole process out and get a write up with instructions to complete the install, so check back soon!


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I’m really not sure of the details on this yet, but P3droid over at just posted the pic above showing Froyo running on a Droid X right next to one running 2.1 and says to be ready for it in less than 24 hours!

Again, we have no idea if this is the official OTA update, a port from a dev phone due to Koush’s new customer recovery released this morning, or if this is a completely other unrelated project.

I’m betting on they got their hands on the official OTA update somehow as it says on the post you can donate to the “leaks” team, which I would assume makes this a leak, but we all know what happens when you assume.

p3droid said he will post more updates after he teaches his next class (I guess he’s a teacher?) so check back for more on this as soon as we get some updates!


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According to, the Incredible is next in line to receive an OTA 2.2 (Froyo) update.  They claim to have been told from Verizon reps that they are already running Froyo on their devices and again claim that it’s on the way.  I apologize for using “claim” so much here, but let’s not forget who we’re talking about here.  HTC may be the phone, but guess who is pushing out the update, good old big red, Verizon.  Have you seen one of their ads lately?  Rule the air.  They sure do.

So hopefully for any of you incredible owners out there, this is true and it’s on its way to you via an OTA update next week.  I find it a little ironic that it’s supposed to start on the day the Droid1 OTA is supposed to be fully completed.  Does that mean a week after that it will be the Droid x’s turn? I hope!