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And it starts.  Another patent battle.  Another legal issue for Google.  And another case of someone saying “Hey, they’re making what we made up, popular! We want some of that action!” 

Do I think Oracle is in the wrong for filing a lawsuit over digital patents?  Yes, absolutely.  But at the same time I think they should be credited with the “idea” of Java and what it offers and its versatility.  The loophole here is that Google is not using pure Java to run Android or write any of their Apps.  They’re using Dalvik.  As well, Java won’t natively run on an Android device, it has to be compiled into Java first, using the Linux-based kernel no less, and then it’s ready to run. 

I think the bigger issue at hand is Oracle.  Is this the future for Java now that they purchase Sun?  If you want to excel with a technology simply based off of Java, are you going to have to go through Oracle first?  Java is already in a vast majority of main stream devices, and although I’m sure they’re all paying royalties for it, but shouldn’t an open platform….well, be open?

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