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If you use LauncherPro, you should’ve been notified of a nice little update today.  This is if you have the paid version of course (and if you don’t, head to and grab it up, if you use it I know you can’t deny it’s worth a few bucks for some nice paid only widgets and pro support.)

This new widget is pretty neat.  It lets you choose from displaying a scrollable full screen widget or you can use a 4×4 widget that shows only the most recent text message. I would’ve like to see this one be scrollable as well so you don’t need to full screen one to have that feature, however another plus side to the launcherpro paid version is having resize-able widgets.  Yes, that’s right, you can resize the widgets.  So I personally chose the full screen one and then resized it to half screen (4×4) and viola! I got my wish!

If you haven’t received your update yet, head to the market and get it, and remember, head to to purchase your activation code to unlock to cool widgets like this one!

(Please note there is definitely a free version, as that’s what you have to download from the market regardless if you pay for it or not.  The developers simply live in a country that doesn’t support paid apps yet on the Android market, so you purchase an unlock code from them that will unlock the added features)