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Motorola Purchases 280 North.

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Android

Motorola confirmed via email to TechCrunch, that they have in fact purchased start-up company 280 north earlier this summer.  The details weren’t disclosed, but TechCrunch is saying multiple sources are claiming it was $20 million.  Not bad for a company that raised a mere $250,000 in a 2008 angel round.  If that number is correct, that’s one heck of a return on investment of the financial backers of 280 North.

So who is 280 North, and why are they worth so much? They created a programming language and set of frameworks collectively known as Cappuccino that can be used to create rich web applications in the same way you’d create desktop applications for MacOS X. Developers TechCrunch has spoken with have praised the framework, calling it “one of the best ways to make applications with little programming knowledge.”

The direct quote from Motorola’s email response to TechCrunch is as follows: “I can confirm that Motorola acquired 280 North earlier this summer. The transaction provides Motorola with specialized web-app engineering talent and technology that will help facilitate the continued expansion of Motorola’s application ecosystem. We believe 280 North will be instrumental in helping us continue to foster the Android ecosystem with innovative web-based technologies and applications. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”

As you can see, Motorola is hoping to beef up their web apps and offerings with this purchase, so maybe not all hope is lost for the company that tried to lock us out of their new equipment, maybe they’re locking it down to play nice with some new applications and offerings in the works?  I doubt it. But nice to see them looking forward with some innovation.


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