Droid Goes To Outerspace!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Droid 1
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This is by far the coolest story I’ve heard of today ever, involving the Droid 1.  The team at QuestForStars.com put together a nice little care package, containing cameras and our beloved Droid 1, attached it to a weather balloon, and set it afloat. And with a lucky gust of wind, it sent the balloon high up into the atmosphere.  So high in fact, when it was recovered, they retrieved some of the most breathtaking non-satellite photographs I can remember seeing.

The Droid was running an app called LapseDroid to take photos for a time-lapse of the journey, and there was a high-definition video camera along for the ride as well.

Quest For Stars is a non-profit group that works with middle and high school students to send cameras and other digital equipment to the outer reaches, telling kids to always “reach for the stars.”

This is the first time however the coveted Droid 1 was included for the journey.  The phones ascent and re-entry into the atmosphere left the world with some pretty memorable shots.  I’ve already read numerous reports saying they want to try this themselves just to try to achieve the same results! (However most realize there’s more to it than filling a balloon with helium and tying it to a box with a Droid inside.)

Make sure to checkout QuestForStars.com (Really a redirect to their facebook page) and get all the details!

Also watch the video of the take off here!

Source: QuestForStars

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